Strategic sales management programs are crucial in creating value and profits for organisations beyond the short term. As a function it has become an increasingly important and complex topic for top managers. Escalating sales and selling costs require organisations to be more focused on results and highlight the shifting of resources to ensure growth and recognition of customer power that requires a strategic, not a tactical response.

This requires a different type of sales and business development planning with an eye on potential markets and customers. The right team need to be energised and committed to achieve the results required, so recruiting the best people is an imperative as well as ensuring their performance measures are met.

inspireone new2Our Strategic Sales Management Program is Powered By The Global Knowledge And Experience Of Our Partner Tack International

High Spots

  • Analyse measures and assess viable solutions for a sales-control team analysis
  • Increase and uplift commitment, energy and drive by team members to the sales process by 10 – 15%
  • Develop a customer portfolio strategic matrix
  • Determine which mix of channels will optimise route to market and business opportunities
  • Calculate a cost behaviour and break-even grid and work on the 5 profitability objectives
  • Recruit high-quality salespeople and managers
  • Develop your sales managers and sales team
  • Handle both performance and mindset issues arising within your team
  • Analyse your sales channels and market strategy
  • Analyse the market and increase your share
  • Assess the impact of your strategic sales decisions on finances and your overall budget

Key Topics

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