In today’s global landscape and flatter hierarchies, long-term success of the organization depends on the whole leadership team, rather than ‘one charismatic leader’. A poorly aligned top team development program breeds competing agendas and turf politics; whereas a high-performing one ensures organizational coherence and focus.

According to a McKinsey survey, only 20% of executives believed that their team was a high-performing one. When the top team does not work in collaboration and harmony, it can lead to a large amount of value destruction for the organization.

InspireOne brings extensive experience in conducting interventions and patented interaction process that develop supportive, inclusive, and collaborative behaviors in top team members. Our top team development program helps to move away from defending own ideas and thoughts to building common understanding and achieving maximum results i.e. a shift from “I” to “we” thinking.

Team Interaction Process is a highly validated application model based on scientific observation of more than 100 teams over a period of several months. The process focuses on the following objectives:

  • Fundamental behavior change and improved problem-solving for individuals and the team.
  • Top team development program using real, powerful and relevant business scenarios.
  • A new way of operating and team processes, which can be cascaded through business.
  • Key behaviors which are crucial for building a strong culture of collaboration.

Stages of a team interaction process


Team as fragmented individuals

Focus on defending turf

Win/ lose culture

Symptom thinking

Building Shared Understanding

Ideas, feelings, agendas are openly shared

Team members learn others view point and demonstrate value for them

Building Team Concepts

Build bridges between ideas of team members

Focus on shared interests, issues and goals

Building Team Strategies

Perceive organisation in its entirety

Systems thinking

Synergies between levels, functions & areas



Train in TIP (Team Interaction Process)

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