“Established ways don’t open new doors”

The Environment of constant disruption and unlimited possibilities has created an unprecedented quantum of asks from leaders. Technological, social and geopolitical changes have added to the complexity. The hitherto established Leadership Coaching programs behaviours and actions fall short of making the business impact. Delivering business, customer, employee, and shareholder impact needs leaders to dynamically pivot strategy, expand the realm of possibilities, and be emotionally resilient.

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Why InspireOne


Driving measurable

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Building awareness of overcoming derailing behaviors.

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Building empowered, inclusive, and high-performance teams.

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Transitioning and readiness for a new executive coaching program role.

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Ensuring alignment of the organization’s goals with the leader’s goals.

InspireOne’s Unique Value Offering

  • Member of Association of Coaching U.K.
  • Two decades of experience & expertise in Leadership Coaching programs.
  • Varied Industry Experience for Executive Coaching in India.

Psychometric Assessments

  • High-Performance Behaviors Framework.
  • Wide Spectrum of validated Nature & Nurture Assessments.

Wide Pool of Coaches

  • Deverse business and people leadership experience.
  • Extensive executive coaching experience.
  • Certified for coaching.
  • Coach Matching.

Business Impact

  • Measuring impact on agreed business and/ or role success measures.

Quality Assurance Process Sanctity

  • coach-coachee mapping vis experience, expertise, and style.
  • coach supervision process.
  • Process consistency.

Blended Approach

  • In-person and virtual.
  • Supernova ALP™ technology platform for support, feedback, and tracking progress through the process.

Our Coaching Solutions

InspireOne’s Coaching for Executives – ICE

  • Who is it for – CXOs, Heads and Directors
  • What is it for – Senior leaders who wish to increase their scope of responsibility and aiming for a higher goal

InspireOnes Leadership Coaching Programs – ILC

  • Who is it for – Mid and senior managers of large organizations and MNC’s
  • What is it for – Leaders who wish to increase their scope of responsibilities, who are going through transition or working on a key project

InspireOnes Heartwork Coaching – Emotional Intelligence based Coaching

  • Who is it for – People Managers
  • What is it for – Technical leaders who now have people managing responsibilities

Anchor Coaching – InspireOne’s Flagship Coaching Solution

  • Who is it for – CXOs
  • What is it for – CXOs who need to strengthen multiple development areas thus requiring multiple specialized coaches

HPB™ Framework.

Our Coaching approach is based on the researched High-Performance Leadership Coaching Programs Behaviors HPB™ Framework.

The research included :-
  • Core Personality, Manager Traits, Leader Personality and Motivation Models.
  • Studies on leadership by Michigan University, Harvard, Princeton, and the others.
  • In-sighting with high performing leaders from 150 global organizations.

InspireOne’ s Assessment and Development Framework

InspireOne | IBM’s | Podium’s research over 4 decades shows that Leadership Potential is a
combination of the person’s leadership Preference and Capability

InspireOne’ s Assessment and Development Framework

InspireOne Consultants Coaching Practice

An organization driven toward Behavioural Leadership Development to achieve
Business Measures presents the Coaching Process for Senior Level Leaders

Coaching Journey of Company

Coaches Profiles

Prakash Nanani 1

Prakash Nanani

  • Ex-COO, Jumbo World Holdings
  • Ex-Group MD, Xerox
Read More
neeta mohla coach

Neeta Mohla

  • Director, InspireOne
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Author, The Human Drama Inc.
Read More
TD chandrasekhar coach

TD Chandrasekhar

  • Ex- Head of Ameriprise India
  • Executive coach
Read More
deepak mohla coach

Deepak Mohla

  • MD, InspireOne
  • Ex-MD, Modi Corp
  • Board Member
Read More
Bernward Moench

Bernward Mönch

  • Founder and CEO macc (Germany)
  • Change Management & Keynote Speaker
  • Certified TMI World Trainer and Consultant
Read More
suman sethi

Suman Sethi

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Board Member
Read More
craig gould coach

Craig Gould

  • Principal Consultant, InspireOne
  • Trained in 'Coaching the AOL Way' Management Program
Read More
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