The PEQM™ is an online assessment designed by Claus Moller and Reuven Bar-on to assess a personal Emotional Quotient (EQ). It measures 15 critical components of Emotional Intelligence within 5 main areas: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Self-Motivation, Social Awareness, and Social Skills.

This tool is administered in conjunction with a comprehensive workbook and full consultation feedback by a specialist consultant. The PEQM™ helps the individual in understanding their personal EQ Profile and is linked to InspireOne’s flagship program on Building Human Capital.

Tool Certification – Personal Emotional Quotient Meter™

This certification helps an individual to become qualified to use the Personal EQ Meter™ tool.

The certified individual can assist business leaders, teams and clients become more efficient by giving feedback for any people interface situation.

In India, this tool has been used extensively by over 10000 employees across levels and industries.

Online, self-rated assessment followed by individual or group feedback from a certified consultant


High Potential Identification, Leadership Development, Managerial Effectiveness, Employee Engagement, Coaching


Suitable across all levels – from a junior executive to a global CEO


  • Detailed report on your overall Emotional Quotient profile including insights on all 15 parameters.
  • Detailed individual or group feedback from a certified consultant.
  • Have the right people in the right role.
  • Create a development culture across the entire workforce by developing your leaders.
  • Manage employees better by creating an inclusive culture.

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