This 360 Degree Assessment is based on the High-Performance Behavior Framework which can be mapped and customized to the organisation’s competency framework. The tool has two parts: Self-Assessment and assessment by others.

360 Degree Assessment provides leaders with actionable information to enhance individual and work group effectiveness.

The tool increases self-awareness, helps people in understanding how others perceive them, and provides clear development ideas for each High-Performance Behavior.

Self-Versus other Rater Average:

Graph1 compares the responses provided by self vis-a-vis the average rating provided by others.

Self-Versus Rater Score :

Graph 2 compares the responses provided by self-vis-à-vis the ratings provided by averages for each rater group i.e., peers/ co-workers, team members and supervisor/ line manager.

Online, assessment is followed by individual or group feedback from a certified consultant.


Top Team Alignment and Development, Managerial Effectiveness, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.


Suitable for employees across all levels, but generally used for mid to senior levels.


30 minutes for the response to the online tool.
60 minutes one on one feedback and development planning.


  • Two options available for 360 Degree: either use a robust and extensively validated framework or use a highly customized 360 Degree instrument based on your organisations competencies.
  • Improve organisational performance by enhancing individual leader.
  • Provide real-time meaningful feedback to leaders and managers.

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