The capability of an organisation to achieve its stated goals resides mostly in its people, especially the top 3% to 5%, known as high potentials. Thus, improving the leadership capability of the high potential employees can improve organisational performance and reduce business and talent risks substantially. Building Leadership Capital across the organisation ensures a strong bench of next-generation leaders – a critical investment to sustain competitive advantage.

Fueled with research and practice insight, InspireOne provides a unique high potential development journey which prepares organisations to succeed in the present and in future by building critical business leadership capabilities. The distinct solution comprises consulting, assessment, feedback, development, and evaluation.

A robust and globally benchmarked high potential development process

Phase 1

Building Organisation Insights

Identify the critical leadership capabilities required to achieve results and deliver on the organisation’s strategy.

Individual Diagnostics

Measure and assess the leadership potential vis-à-vis the required leadership competencies.

Supervisory Alignment

Align supervisors of participants to the objective of the development journey and equip them to review and support the progress of participants.

Tripartite Agreement

Agreement between the participant, supervisor and InspireOne consultant on development goals and action learning projects. Project Sponsorship from the SLT is encouraged.

Phase 2


Leadership Behaviour Development workshops (Understanding Self. Business enabled Leadership, Business Acumen, Strategic Thinking, Leading Change, Influencing, Resilience, Developing and Leading teams etc.)

Learning Integration

Connect Calls Technology-enabled learning

Mobile learning Engagement

Learning videos Ongoing feedback and development

Peer learning and review sessions


Presentations to the Top Management on completion of business linked

Certification based on set criteria

Building Leadership Capital – Managers of Managers

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