How does Diversity and Inclusion create business impact

Optimize Their Workforce Investment

Employers must be the employer of choice to attract, develop and retain key skills Includes Gender Compliance & Social Drivers

Compete in A Global Marketplace

Customers, Suppliers and Strategic Partners are increasingly global and multi cultural

Enable A Customer Activated Enterprise

Businesses must reflect a diverse population in order to be responsive to customer needs and expectations

Make Diversity A Competitive Advantage

Business needs diverse perspectives to enhance creativity and innovation

Diversity and Inclusion: InspireOne Solution

Diversity And Inclusion Solution

Inclusive Culture Dipstick

Inclusive culture dipstick gathers opinion from target group of employees on 6 key parameters

  • Psychological Safety
  • Decision Making
  • Fairness
  • Leadership Style
  • Organisation Environment

Inclusion Behaviors Assessment

InspireOne’s 180 degree assessment to assess behaviors of inclusion at mid and senior level

Self versus Line Manager Rating

Inclusion Behaviors Assessment

Inclusion Behaviors Assessment

The table below provides the ranking for scanes from self versus scores from line manager, in order of strengths, as perceived by your line manager

Rank Factors Self Supervisor
1 Respects people 4.00 4.00
2 Encourages dissent 3.80 3.80
3 Demonstrates curiosity 3.80 3.00
4 Builds trust 3.80 3.40
5 Cultural intelligence 3.60 3.40
6 Fosters collaboration 3.60 3.00

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