Overview – Value Driven Negotiations

The ability to negotiate well is an absolute necessity. Anyone can strike a deal by conceding, but in today’s market you can’t afford such a tactic. Change the game and turn the typical positional negotiation into a co-operative discussion. Even the toughest procurement specialists will want to do business with you again and you’ll keep your margins.
Negotiating well is in part, down to the preparation done beforehand and being able to think on your feet during the negotiation process; having the confidence to take breaks when it is advantageous to do so, to think and review position.

This course offers the latest methodologies and coaching from seasoned negotiators. You’ll also receive unique insight into how buyers think and behave.

High Spots

  • Be cognisant of the psychology and process of negotiation
  • Prepare and commence a negotiation
  • Trade ‘variables’ and concessions profitably
  • React positively and confidently to the strategies and tactics used by the other party
  • Achieve win/win and maintain good relationships
  • Identify true customer needs and priorities
  • Evaluate different elements of the deal and ‘trade concessions’ profitably
  • Handle customer resistance and respond professionally to customer tactics
  • Understanding the psychology and process of negotiation
  • Able to trade ‘variables’ and concessions profitably
  • Able to achieve win/win and maintain good relationships
  • Use creative negotiation to differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Apply the Value-Driven Negotiation process to build relationships and achieve deals which are valuable to both parties.

Key Topics

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