What is Mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is the simple process of noticing new things about the familiar. When we notice actively, we become sensitive to perspective and change.”

– Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard

The term Mindfulness is defined as being an attitude of mind that allows you to reach a state of heightened awareness of your own experience in terms of your thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions.

Developing your Mindfulness avoids the negative consequences of being on Autopilot. It builds your ability to stay connected with yourself and your own goals without letting emotions or negative thoughts and associations interfere.

The practice of Mindfulness blends techniques from Eastern meditative disciplines with a scientific protocol developed by Western psychology.

The tools of mindfulness can be applied to all aspects of your personal and work life.

Impact of Being on Autopilot




You miss out on the really meaningful moments in that are happening right now



You may experience more interpersonal conflict, more misunderstanding among family members, friends, and colleagues.



Emotional reactivity thrives in mindlessness, often making problem solving difficult and challenging situations worse.

Our Mindfulness Suite


Mindfulness At Work: Combining Productivity And Wellbeing!

Increase Emotional Intelligence Through Mindfulness

Performing Under

Mindfulness At Work – Combining Productivity And Wellbeing!

How Would You Benefit From This Program?

  • Recognize how Mindfulness increases the ability to enhance the  relationship we have with ourselves
  • Mindfulness strengthens our confidence and inner self-belief
  • Increases emotional control, stimulating positivity
  • Practice the basic skills and practice of Mindfulness in a variety of contexts
  • Improves how we can be the person we truly wish to be

How Would You Benefit From This Program?

  • Recognize how using Mindfulness increases the ability to enhance awareness of the body and therefore manage it
  • Mindfulness strengthens the immune system
  • Increases emotional control, stimulating creativity and positive thinking
  • Combining Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Mindfulness strengthens skill building and the ability to control emotional and physiological responses

Increase Emotional Intelligence Through Mindfulness

Performing Under Pressure

How Would You Benefit From This Program?

  • Improve personal performance and reduce conflict in relationships with others
  • Reduce risk of feeling under pressure
  • Increased ability to manage your emotions
  • Increase ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances
  • Improve our self esteem/ confidence
  • Save energy and increase our understanding of self
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