Overview – Relationship Management

In traditional sales training, delegates learn first about the product, then about selling skills, and only occasionally about relationship skills. The Relationship Management program changes all that. They learn first to understand themselves, then to understand others, and finally how to adapt their techniques to create conditions of comfort in their relationship with their customer/channel partner.

Gaining insights into their own personality as well as planning for their own further development, they will learn to refine key skills and apply them with the greater sophistication that comes from improved interpersonal ability and understanding.

Target Audience

Relationship Management would interest people involved in frontline business to business selling, business to customer selling, sales support, and strategic account management will benefit from this programme. It assumes you are already skilled in basic sales however want to enhance your relationship management skills to create and retain your customers.

High Spots

  • The successful relationship manager
  • First impressions
  • ‘Best’ and ‘toughest’ customers
  • Interaction with others
  • Customer behavior and motivation. The influence of style on buying and selling.
  • Interpersonal style and influencing the customer
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Adopting different sales strategies for different style types
  • Drill Down to FIND
  • Getting past ‘No’
  • Action Plans

Key learning Points & Outcomes

  • Learn what are the skills, qualities attributes of successful salespeople
  • Recognize which customers we get on with & which we don’t And the why
  • Understand how we Interact through observation. judgment reaction
  • Understand the fundamentals of personality assessment. how your own can affect the customer
  • Reinforce your learning by working with your chosen customers
  • Learn how to read your customers using advanced non-verbal clues e.g. body language, mirroring. leading

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