Coined by Claus, and increasingly being used today by many others, Putting People First (PPF) has been one of TMIs hallmark solutions.

Centering around the key concept that the level of external customer service cannot exceed the level of internal service, Putting People First can be run both as a training program as well as a cultural intervention.

The PPF philosophy is built around eight elements that shape the customer-centric persona of an organisation:

  • Shared customer-centric vision
  • On-going focus on customers’ needs
  • Accountable and empowered staff
  • Willingness to change
  • Engaged employees
  • “We” culture
  • Internal customer orientation and
  • Inspirational leadership & management

Key Benefits

  • Improved internal and, therefore, external service by establishing team and organisational commitment to service
  • Clarity on own role in creating an organisation focused on results for the external customer
  • Increased responsibility and ownership towards own and organisational goals
  • Enhanced individual and team efforts on achieving the overall business strategy
  • Improved communications resulting in greater team effectiveness
  • Managers of People
  • Managers of Managers
  • Managers of Business

Who is it relevant for?

Possible Outcomes

  • Improved customer satisfaction index
  • Improved internal working
  • Improved cross-functional relationships
  • Better synergies
  • A common language in the formal and informal organisation
  • Engaged employees
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