The Operationalising Service Toolkit is designed to support the implementation of approaches and principles explored in the TMI Operationalising Service programmes.

The tools used within each core process are aligned with the three phases of the operationalising service cycle: identification, implementation, and engagement. They perform several functions ranging from planning aids to implementation templates.

The Operationalising Service approaches, principles, and tools will become more and more dynamic as needs, requirements, and expectations of the organisation change. This tool is mapped and planned as part of the evolving nature of operationalising the service process.

  • Document the complexity of the organic service process as a visual communication and planning tool
  • Engage people within the organisation to rationalise and improve customer experience
  • Keep customers loyal to the products, services, and brand of the organisation

Key Benefits

Who is it relevant for?

People from all levels of the organisation throughout the identification, implementation, and engagement processes.

  • Identify the need for customer journey mapping using a 5-stage diagnostic approach
  • Introduce the 3 elements of the journey map, identify which to use and when
  • Supporting service implementation of activities that people in the organisation need to undertake on a regular basis to ensure that the intended customer experience is delivered
  • Aligning employee behaviours with new service designs
  • Creating coaching tools for real-time use to address the off-brand behaviour
  • Implementing on-the-job coaching
  • Making the invisible visible by translating behaviour and sentiment into tangible devices for improvement

Operationalising service processes

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