Overview – Driving a Quality Culture

Quality plays a significant role at work today by helping to reduce waste, maximise the use of available resources, getting people to be smarter in their work and achieve a standard that creates a reputation for confidence, zero defects and satisfaction.

Our Personal Quality program not only develops awareness around quality, instead it also focuses on how we can learn to increase the quality of every detail in our everyday activities.

This is a powerful quality concept underpinned by the principle that the person who performs a task guarantees its quality; meaning that this person has checked their own work – and is not only proud to put their name TO it, but also ON it.

Everyone in the organisation

Who is it relevant for?

Possible Outcomes

  • Identify the reasons for implementing a quality culture into the organisation/team.
  • Define what quality is and some of the concepts connected to it.
  • Recognise examples of poor quality and their impact on the individual and others.
  • Recognise that to deliver high quality does not necessarily mean working harder but smarter.
  • Evaluate how our values and attitudes affect our personal quality.
  • Identify the factors important to work on over time to make quality improvements.
  • Use a 7-step tool to help define, manage, monitor, measure and improve team quality.
  • Examine the links between quality, brand, and reputation.
  • Determine plans to change and adapt behaviour so they are more in line with the personal quality principles.
  • Develop your quality awareness to ensure fewer mistakes.
  • Raise awareness about quality and promote it in the team to enhance organisation trust and respect.
  • Get the details right so that work doesn’t need to be checked by others and thus avoids criticism.

Key Benefits

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