Quality plays a significant role at work today by helping to reduce waste, maximise the use of available resources, getting people to be smarter in their work and achieve a standard that creates a reputation for confidence, zero defects and satisfaction.

Team Quality: Reaching for the Stars is a simple and very powerful tool to get teams thinking about what level of quality is expected of them and how they are doing to deliver on these expectations.

It is true that the very survival of the organisation is determined by its ability to meet the demands and expectations placed upon it by all its stakeholders.

  • Improve team quality to contribute towards the performance standards of the team
  • Clarify everyone’s role in the quality process
  • Raise quality awareness around the topic of quality and its practices in the company
  • Feel good for achieving and measuring higher standards of work

Key Benefits

Who is it relevant for?

Everyone in the organisation

  • Explore the 3 key features of what an effective team looks like
  • Define the connection between expectations, quality, the working environment, and work accomplished
  • Identify 3 areas in which any team and organisation functions, improves, and innovates itself to be successful
  • Examine the connection between quality and TMI’s Employeeship concept – what it takes to be a good employee
  • Identify 5 steps to monitor, evaluate and develop the quality of a team’s total performance
  • Create a quality improvement plan, a quality projects plan, and an activity plan

Possible Outcomes

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