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Benefits of IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks

In our previous blog titled ‘Talent Frameworks – A Talent management Panacea’ we explored the challenges organizations face in creating and maintaining a talent management plan that is equipped to improve performance in today’ VUCA environment. Research suggests that on average, content development requires more than 40 hours per job title, time that no company can afford. IBM’s revolutionary new product ‘Talent Frameworks’ offers to do just that, by providing a company/organization with a ready to use skill infrastructure that saves time and resources.

Even in this VUCA environment, IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks is never obsolete. Each Framework goes through a comprehensive annual review to identify changes and enables IBM to add or enhance Talent Frameworks’ content and keep the organization current. Through IBM’s Update program, these changes are distributed to the clients ensuring that their enterprise is kept up-to-date with the influences and change impacting their talent.

The IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks provides the most current, off-the-shelf resource of skills-based job profiles that can help an organization’s employees and managers:

  • Attract the Right Candidates – Set expectations of success in the job
  • Smarter Hiring Decisions – Make interview decisions based on capability to do the job rather than gut assumptions
  • Faster Onboarding – Improve success and retention with accelerated time to productivity
  • Support Management – Engage in better development discussions with tools to improve trust and performance
  • Increase Engagement – Provide a clear view of career mobility across the organization
  • Effective Performance Management – Provide clear and specific criteria for evaluation and growth
  • Target Development – Deliver prescriptive learning to target actual skill gaps
  • Accurate Compensation Plan – Quantify pay – or – performance with better job descriptions and market benchmarking
  • Leverage cognitive computing for HR

The hottest topic in workforce analytics today is cognitive computing for human resources (HR). Cognitive computing in HR is essentially applying artificial intelligence (AI) to augment practitioner approaches to completing common HR tasks. As a Chief Human Resources Office (CHRO) or HR leader wanting to prepare one’s business to leverage AI and cognitive computing, one needs to audit the quality of one’s organization’s competency frameworks. Competencies are critical to effectively leveraging AI because practically every artificial intelligence application in HR depends on the standardization and ease of scaling that competencies permit.

To understand the importance of competencies to AI in HR, consider the following applications of cognitive computing to three important HR processes:

Competencies in cognitive recruitment:

Even in traditional recruiting, a lack of well-developed and implemented competency frameworks hinders effective decision-making. However, as cognitive computing is deployed across organizations, the cost of poor decision-making due to weak competency systems is magnified.

Competencies in cognitive career development:

Cognitive computing has enormous potential to breathe life into career coaching in business, and to offer career services beyond the small proportion of workers the business monitors for succession planning. Capitalizing on the opportunity, however, requires a strong and well-embedded approach to competencies.

Competencies in cognitive learning:

In this learning scenario, competencies play two critical roles:

  • High-grade content from competency frameworks enables the development of training content that employees perceive as relevant.
  • Matching learning requirements with job requirements at speed and at scale is only possible with accurate competency models.

High-quality competency frameworks are intricately connected to the effective deployment of cognitive computing in HR. For realizing the potential of cognitive technology in HR, CHROs must evaluate the quality of their organizational competency framework. IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks saves organizations’ time spent on becoming competency experts by providing the largest industry benchmark of job skill profiles.

IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks is one comprehensive solution for various HR issues that organizations face. It facilitates the integration of cognitive computing in HR, making the entire process even simpler for organizations. With companies aiming for increasingly difficult targets with existing and/or reducing resources, a solution like this can be viewed as beneficial.


Competencies in the cognitive era (IBM Collaboration & Talent Management: Thought Leadership Whitepaper)



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