Mid-Level Development Program: Maximising Leadership Impact

Maximising Leadership Impact is a transition program that helps managers to transition effectively into the role of a Mid-Level Manager. When a leader transitions from the role of Manager of People to the role of a Manager of Managers, she/he needs support on a range of capabilities. Providing adequate support during this transition can help the managers to reach an acceptable level of performance much faster than managers who are not provided with adequate support.

Transitions required by a Mid- Level Manager

We have classified the transitions required by a Middle Manager into 4 buckets basis a well-researched IBM Kennexa’s High Performance Behaviour Framework.

Thinking Cluster

From: Being an operational problem solver

To: Developing a strategic perspective on their unit’s strategy and how that fits with the overall organization strategy. Navigating complexity through effective decision making.

Developing Cluster

From: Managing individuals

To: Managing other managers and Effectively handling large teams.

Inspiring Cluster

From: Inspiring and influencing direct reports

To: Effectively leading across boundaries. Influencing and collaborating with multiple stakeholders.

Achieving Cluster

From: Effective goal setting and driving KPI’s

To: Driving high performance in a changing world, create organization alignment and ensure effective strategic execution.

Maximizing Leadership Impact is a well-structured & robust program that helps Mid-Level Leaders to transition smoothly and perform their new role effectively. Some of the key objectives of this program include:

  • Identify strengths and enhancement areas as a manager
  • Display strategic thinking and take effective decisions
  • Manage people to grow, develop and engage team members.
  • Influence stakeholders and work across boundaries

Through this program, we aim to work alongside with you to have a measurable impact on following success measures:

  • % of participants achieving their goals
  • Development of team members
  • Increase in retention/ decrease in attrition
  • Increase in team engagement

    Program Design

    Maximising Leadership Impact is a program which has been built basis our researched solution design principles. These include:


    To equip your Mid-level managers with most critical leadership capabilities required to perform their new role effectively, this program offers a flexible design. Our core program covers an intensive learning journey covering four key learning modules:

    1. Strategic Thinking & Decision Making: This module helps Mid-level leaders to:

    • Understand the changing demands from role of the Mid-Level Manager and the transitions required
    • Develop a strategic perspective on their unit’s strategy and how that fits with the overall organization strategy
    • Navigate complexity through effective decision making

    2. Developing High Performing Teams: This module helps Mid-level leaders to:

    • Effectively lead and manage large teams
    • Follow a structured process for coaching
    • Delegate effectively to colleagues
    • Adapt one’s leadership style to team member styles

    3. Collaboration & Influence: This module helps Mid-level leaders to:

    • Effectively lead across boundaries
    • Influence and collaborate with multiple stakeholders

    4. Execution Leadership: This module helps Mid-level leaders to:

    • Effectively lead change within the unit
    • Create organization alignment and ensure effective strategic execution
    • Foster a high performing culture

    Alternatively, you can choose from a list of well curated optional modules. You can replace any of the core modules with an optional module or you can retain all core modules and add an optional module.

    Journey Design

    Maximising Leadership Impact is a scalable blended leadership development program. Participant journey includes the following:

    • Leadership insights assessment for each participant to identify their areas of strength and development
    • 16 weeks learning journey comprising 4 modules. Each module is developed using our “Making Learning Stick” framework and comprises:
      • Virtual learning labs
      • Gamified learning modules
      • On-the-job application assignments
      • Application oriented content including case studies, simulations, tools, and frameworks
    • This program includes access to our gamified learning platform-Master-O. This platform offers an immersive learning experience comprising:
      • Game-based interactions & assessments: Leverage micro-interactions and casual game-designs to engage & assess learners
      • “Smart” nudges and alerts (push notifications): Nudge using behavioural psychology to enhance learner adoption and sustain engagement
      • Leaderboards: Drive healthy competition to achieve 100% completion and motivate mastery of skills

    Here is a snapshot of the learning journey:

    journy design

    Global Delivery Capability

    We can offer this program to leaders in 50+ countries and deliver it in multiple languages. Some of the languages we can deliver this program are covered in the table below:


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