Managerial Development Initiative for India’s Leading Automobile Company

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Aligned with the business strategy, a set of competencies was identified for managers at multiple levels to be developed. This served as the base document for the learning initiative. Based on this, InspireOne created a managerial development journey to develop First Time Managers & Managers of Manager of the organization. The competencies identified were the same, however the depth of learning differed and were catered to the 2 respective levels of managers.

Our Approach

  • The journey started with pre-assessment administration for both levels. The objective of the pre-assessment remained the same, however the depth of the assessment differed on each level. An AI-driven driven assessment platform was used for the Managers of the Manager audience and Customized 180 degrees for First Time Managers
  • Each journey had 4 experiential workshops, Expert sessions with leading global experts to give applicable inputs, simulation with reports and feedback, application assignment and 4 group coaching sessions. The learning architecture was mapped to InspireOne’s Making Learning Stick framework to ensure managers applied, performed and got feedback on their challenges
  • The company directed the entire journey through pathways with regular engagements and self-paced learning modules from LinkedIn Learning which were suggested by InspireOne Consultants
  • Post-completion of the journey, a Valedictory ceremony was conducted with participants, leadership, & HR stakeholders. Participants were given a stage to share their learning experience with all the stakeholders and were certified as a reward for completing the journey
  • The journey was completed but the learning continues as the group gathers once every quarter for sustenance sessions to summarize the application and its impact in their every day work life


  • Over 90 Managers were trained in batches over 6 months and 77 were certified at the end of the program
  • The initiative received 4.3/5 and above rating for sessions of both journeys across modules
  • Participants are currently undergoing post assessment needle movement and the impact of the program is under measurement