Leadership Development Journey for Frontline Leaders of Global Entertainment Media House

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Our Client, a leading global entertainment media house, wanted an intervention to create a leadership developmental journey for their Front Line Leaders. The journey included various concepts such as Role Understanding and Understanding Self, New Age People Manager and Driving Results. A group of 30 participants were selected for a 4 month journey which included an Orientation session and ended with a Convocation session. The journey included the participants choosing a Business project that would showcase Business Impact and also achieve Learning objectives.

Our Approach

  • InspireOne developed a 4 month journey which was highly customized to the need and the role of the Managers.
  • The Journey consisted of Insight discussions, Pre & Post Assessments followed by designing the modules and elements of the journey.
  • Insight discussions were carried out with the target audience as well as their supervisors to understand the business, their role and the key challenges being faced by the group.
  • Assessment – Leadership perspectives is our nature assessment that helped the managers understand their Leadership perspective and also derive their Learning objectives for the journey. Nurture Assessment captured the behavior shift and success of the journey post 180 days of completion of the Journey.
  • The program consisted of Project selection, Module delivery and other elements that supported the journey.
    • Project Selection – Managers had to come up with their own Project, based on the template shared with them, that would showcase Business (Financial) and Learning (Leadership skills) objectives that defined Action plans and Success measures for the project.
    • In person Module sessions – Three in-person module deliveries covering the critical areas of Role Understanding & Understanding Self, Being the New Age Manager and Driving Results., which provided hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for participants to interact and collaborate with their peers.
    • Coaching Two external coaching sessions and two supervisory coaching sessions provided personalized guidance and support for participants as they navigated their Leadership styles.
    • Gamified Learning The Interactive game-based learning experiences engaged participants whilst reinforcing key concepts.
    • Convocation This culminated in celebrating the participants successful completion of the journey and achievements as Front Line Managers.


  • The Journey Intervention showed positive results with participants demonstrating growth in essential leadership skills and contributing to the Organizations success.
  • Participants applied the learned concepts and tools and shared several success stories during Coaching sessions.
  • Managers of these participants were also equipped with coaching methodologies and real time coaching interventions which added volume of success and participation during the journey, hence enabling sustenance.
  • Business Impact measures were also discussed during the coaching sessions and also one of the primary criteria’s for selection of Best project.
  • The projects were real time and measured on financial and productivity criteria’s that positively impacted the Organizations well being and processes.
  • Strong alignment between Self and Supervisor rating for Post 180 Assessment towards Significant positive change across parameters that were defined.