Leadership Development at Financial Services Company

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Our client had a need to implement a leadership development process for 20 of their senior level managers. The initiative intended to effectively develop competencies required for larger and more challenging roles in line with the organisation’s growth plans. The leaders were expected to deliver sustainable high performance and inspire performance from their teams towards organisational growth.

The target audience included leaders with 8-12 years of experience from the product and services, consulting and support divisions.

Our Approach

The development solution proposed was divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: a detailed prework was conducted to understand the areas of strength & development for identified leaders. For the determined gaps, a development centre was designed, followed by a one-on-one feedback session to understand their own areas of strength & development

Phase 2: the leaders went through three workshops, each focused on the identified area of development for the group. As a part of the development process, each leader also selected a critical business priority to work and apply their strengths. Coaching was also provided to the leaders post the workshop to support them through their projects.


The head of training felt that the program created a great amount of self awareness in the participants about their leadership skills. It also educated them about the entire set of competencies they are required to possess and their current levels against the standard range.