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A global survey by future forum of over 3,000 remote workers found that middle managers (defined as those managing 1-6 people) are 46% less satisfied with their jobs than senior executives.

Key challenges being faced by People Managers –

  • Leading through Emotional Intelligence
  • Displaying ownership and a sense of belonging
  • Maximizing output through collaboration
  • Managing stakeholder relationships and conflicts
  • Focusing on developing capability
  • Managing performance conversations

IGNite is an award winning manager training program which equips your middle managers with most critical people leadership skills so that they can perform their role effectively. Our program has been created basis more than 25 years of practical experience and research in helping organizations develop better people managers.

Manager Training Program Brandon Hall Award

IGNite enables your mid level managers to become an effective people leader. This manager training program equips participants with most critical people management capabilities. Key objectives of this manager training program include –

Identify the strengths and enhancement areas of your people managers

Enabling your people managers to effectively lead through emotional intelligence

Managing people to grow, develop and engage team members

Develop high performing teams

Program Design

IGNite is a manager training program which has been built basis our researched solution design principles. These include –

Manager Training Solution Design

To equip your people managers to perform their people leadership role effectively, this program offers a flexible design.

Our core program covers an intensive learning journey covering three key learning modules

Leading Through Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding the changing demands from role of the Manager
  • Managing your own emotions effectively as a leader
  • Effectively lead with empathy towards others

Enabling Performance Through People

  • Giving feedback and having performance conversations
  • Follow a structured process for coaching
  • Delegate effectively to colleagues
  • Adapting your leadership style to team member styles

Inclusive Leadership & Managing Unconscious Biases

  • Foster an environment of inclusion and psychological safety
  • Recruit talent effectively through inclusive hiring methodologies


  • Inspiring Engagement
  • Driving Change
  • Influencing Stakeholders
  • Effective Hiring
  • Career Conversations

Journey Design

Participant journey includes the following –

  • Leadership insights assessment for each participant to identify their areas of strength and development
  • 12 weeks learning journey comprising 3 modules. Each module is developed using our “Making Learning Stick” framework and comprises:
    • Core learning labs
    • Gamified learning modules
    • On-the-job application assignments
    • Application oriented content including case studies, simulations, tools, and frameworks
IGNite Manager training and development journey

Our Gamified Learning Platform – Master-O

IGNite is further enhanced through Master-O. Master-O is a mobile learning experience  that is designed to enable employees to  retain and apply their skills (and training) on the job.


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