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With over years of experience in both consulting and coaching, we have created a strong process to enable executive coaching and bring deep value in both individuals and organizations. Over the next few weeks, It will be our endeavour to open up the uniqueness of the our coaching process – InspireOne Coaching Process (ICP) – and its merits. We welcome your thoughts and views on the same.

Lets start at the very beginning – how do we identify what to be coached on? What is a good investment of our time as coach and coachee? Well, it starts with getting some help to ensure each individual has a comprehensive view of self and is able to identify strengths and areas of development.

Let’s acknowledge that most leaders would already have a fairly strong understanding of self. That understanding would have come from views, feedback etc, solicited and unsolicited from friends, family – especially spouse, workmates and our managers. These combined perspectives therefore give an individual a fairly good understanding of self. However when starting a coaching journey it is our recommendation to add a scientific view of self to help build an accurate understanding of self – this then enables assessment in the right areas.

So, what should we look at science to provide?


The traits or preferences that we carry that are considered natural, or in other words “that thing that wont change in us” – who we are as leaders in the most natural state. Tools that do this assessment are very useful because they open up our traits and even inner motivators. Knowing what our natural defaults are will help with identifying strengths and uncovering areas of work that will be rewarding and sustainable.


These are behaviours that we have built over time and through experience. Some of these could be due to our traits, but remember we don’t always have the perfect environment and expectations. Therefore some behaviours are built due to what the environment allows and what it doesn’t, others are built due to expectations from us or what we perceive to be the expectations. Nurture is what we do – knowing this could help us evaluate the behaviours we have built and reflect on why. These assessments also determine the behaviours we want to further strengthen or build to enable us to reach the goals we have set.

Once these assessments have been taken, a certified assessment consultant can help you use these tools to trigger deep reflection. This can provide a robust start to any coaching journey!

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