Digital Transformation and Design Thinking for a Leading Electronics Company

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A two-day initiative, as part of a 6-month long learning initiative, was conducted for one of the largest electronics manufacturing organization on Digital Leadership and Design thinking for a team of 75 leaders from their customer satisfaction team. The customer satisfaction team is the face that creates distinguished experience for all customers. Over the last few years, consumer behaviour and psyche have undergone tremendous change, and it makes it imperative for this team to be agile and innovative towards looking for Digital Solutions and Building a Digital Mindset.

Our Approach

  • The client had internally conducted the digital readiness assessment and workshop on Growth Mindset
  • InspireOne collaborated with them to conduct a transformational workshop on Digital Transformation and Design Thinking
  • The highly experiential 2-day workshop used – Case studies, reflections, building outside-in digital knowledge, challenging mindset towards adopting digital, step by step understanding and practicing of a 5-step design thinking process
  • The highlight of the workshop was the hackathon where groups got together to work on building business prototypes
  • The prototypes were presented to the senior leadership panel


  • The workshop was very well received by the audience. Clear learning effectiveness was seen at various levels
  • Level 1 – The workshop was rated 4.7/5 and the design thinking process was well adopted
  • Level 2 and 3 –
    • The framework of the design thinking process was well absorbed and applied during the workshop
    • Created 10 highly innovated prototypes to be applied to resolve customer issues and it was demonstrated in the highly innovative projects with clear revenue benefits spelled out, if implemented