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The Client is an innovation-led biopharmaceutical organization that is enabling access to high quality, advanced therapies for diseases that are chronic. They are a leading global player for biosimilars and other specialty molecules, with customers in over 120 countries. As a part of their talent development strategy, they wanted to develop their 45 High Potential leaders from SCM, Manufacturing, Operations, R7D, Quality, HR and IT – comprising of Senior Managers, Associate Directors, Senior Directors, Sub Function Heads based on their competency framework.

Our Approach

  • The journey started with pre-program diagnostics interviews and FGDs, with participants and leaders, to understand the expectations and the challenges from the journey. Secondary insights from pre-assessments were taken into consideration to curate a customized offering for the client.
  • A highly intensive 4 module journey was designed aligned to client’s competency framework. This program included interactive workshops, job-based application assignments, gamified learnings, group coaching sessions and panel discussions which was sponsored by their ELTs.
  • Core focus was given to one-on-one supervisors and ELT connects to have them constantly updated on function-wise progress on assignments and project undertaken was shared quarterly and end of the program 
  • Post completion of the program – Nature and Nurture assessments were leveraged to identify the High Potentials and craft a progressive plan for their leadership journey
  • Impact of the journey was measured using two approaches:
    • Behaviour Impact180 Assessment was administered to capture the movement made by the participants on the targeted competencies
    • Business Impact – measured in two ways:
      • Direct Financial Impact – Financial impact calculated based on the short-term business decision/project undertaken by the participants to arrive at the most conservative impact
      • Indirect Financial Impact – We measured the learnings that participants attributed to the learning intervention
  • The initiative came to an end with a graduation ceremony where these leaders were provided certificates for successfully completing the journey. A detailed presentation with the completion analytics and core achievements of the participants was presented.


  • Behaviour Impact
    • A positive movement was observed by the supervisors in all the areas of development identified in the Pre-assessment.
    • On an average, more than 75% of the supervisors observed a significant positive change in all the four targeted competencies – Strategic, Execution, Collaboration & People Focus from pre to post assessment.
  • Business Impact
    • 43% of the participants showcased that an impact was created as a result of the Learning journey.
    • 18% of the participants attributed the direct financial impact of 77 Crores to the Learning journey.
    • The ROI on the Learning journey came out to be 7700%.
    • 25% of the participants attributed 67% indirect business impact to the learnings gained from the Learning journey.

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