Building leadership capital for a Large Insurance Company

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Our client, a leading insurance company recognized the ever-growing imperative to groom future leaders from within the company. The company translated this imperative as a unique opportunity to form a sustainable competitive advantage against the competition in times to come. The development intervention was launched for its 170 senior leaders –Assistant Vice President (AVPs) and above.

Our Approach

Given the continuous flux in the Industry and the need to stay agile as a Company, “Change” was identified as the focal point within leadership. Within Change, customized learning was created in line with the roles across senior leaders – AVPs, VPs and S/EVPs.

The 12 month initiative for the High Potential Talent focused on identifying individual development needs for each leader though a robust assessment process, followed by a customized development journey to develop the leaders to take more business critical roles in the future by creating business impact and developing leadership behaviors.


  • Customized data analytics and presentations were available based on partner requirements and various RFPs / Pitches.
  • Implementation of FTR (First Time Right) in two zones increased from 74% to 92%
  • Attrition levels for the 0 to 3 month vintage group among the Front Line Sales team was reduced by 15%
  • Customer service through the branch sales channel was improved – this included streamlining the process at the inbound call centre and the IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Encouraged by the results on both the business and behavior front, the Company planned to institutionalize this initiative.