Assessing and Developing High Performing Managers for a Canada based Automotive Company

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One of the leading Canada based automotive company that is in the space of design, engineering, and manufacturing of automotive supplies, wanted to develop their next line of leaders for succession. As part of the development plan, they were looking at assessing the current personality and leadership behaviours of 20 of their high potential managers and then chart out a development journey to create bench strength.

Our Approach

  • InspireOne developed a two phase development design which was highly customised to the industry and role of these managers. The first phase consisted of an assessment centre. The assessment centre was based on the philosophy of identifying the key areas of strength as per the nature and nurture of the individual. Leadership behaviours were also assessed on InspireOne’s 12 High Performance Leadership Behaviours, at different proficiency levels. The High Performance Leadership Behaviours is based on a comprehensive study conducted by IBM Kenexa along with London and Princeton Universities to identify the behaviours required by leaders.
    • Nature was assessed with the help of Podium’s Leadership Perspective assessment.
    • Nurture was assessed in a two-day rigorous exercise of working through in-baskets, Behaviour event interviews, group discussion and presentations.
    • The findings were analysed and detailed individual and group reports were shared which helped leaders create their IDP’s
    • Based on the areas of improvement a robust 4 day development centre was created on the themes of
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Developing talent


  • The concepts were well received and strongly applied during the development workshop
  • There was a 4.5/5 and above rating for sessions
  • As an output of the strategic thinking initiative, leaders came up with business prototypes which will directly impact the company revenue
  • As next steps, the business prototypes were presented internally to the senior leadership team and taken forward for implementation