Result ManagerTM


Change in behavior happens over a period of time through persistent efforts and sustenance mechanisms. InspireOne | TMI’s Result Manager helps enable the ‘persistence’ in efforts by ensuring that productivity enhancement not a one-time activity, but a sustainable journey. The Result Manager™ consists of a 12-week journey with multiple interactions; formal, informal and on the job.

An evaluation on the participant’s current state to identify individual productivity gaps to personalize the learning experience and reach productivity excellence through productivity enhancement training program.

A customized and highly experiential workshop to address the skill gaps

Integration of the Goal linked Action Plans for each participant on MS Outlook or Lotus Notes

Informal Coaching Sessions interspersed to spark the learning experience

Creation, execution and engagement of a robust learning plan using our online learning acceleration tool

  • Have a greater, improved capacity to determine and realize individual goals
  • Clarify goals, establish priorities – and make sure those drive your days
  • Realize better integration of long-term objectives with short-term demands
  • Plan for and manage your time more effectively
  • Contribute more effectively to achieving team and organizational goals
  • Have greater results and personal accomplishments in those areas that matter to you most

As management guru Peter Drucker once put it, The purpose of a business is to create customers.

Recognizing and delivering upon customer expectations is essential to building any successful business. To accomplish that, one must offer a differentiated service valued by customers both external and internal and fulfill the promise consistently.

We at InspireOne have unrivalled global expertise and experience in service excellence to help you shape and implement strategies to keep and extend your customer base.
We have been helping our clients accomplish this for over 25 years, all around the world. And, we can help you achieve this, too.

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