Putting the SPRING back through Hope, Energy, Resilience and Optimism

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Among the all-encompassing and conspicuous changes the pandemic has brought with it in the way we live, there is also a grave concern for the long-term impact of fear and uncertainty for organisations and individuals. While the impact on financial and growth wellbeing is tangible, the effect of the intense onslaught on the human psyche and psychology in this short time is still to be seen in the coming years. 


As a result, the research in the areas of adversity and response to adversity – hope and optimism – has taken supersonic speeds. The practical applications of hope and hopefulness, and resilience have become business imperatives for organisations and life imperatives for individuals


Uniquely different from optimism, intention, and faith, hope offers a transformational opportunity. As the only positive emotion that requires activation through negativity or uncertainty learned hopefulness is unique to build resilience. It provides the capacity to turn our struggles into opportunities and our tragedies into triumphs. Thus, helping us to bounce forward.


As a step towards that, we are happy to announce that InspireOne is organizing an exclusive virtual session with the renowned psychologist and International bestseller author Dr. Dan Tomasulo titled- “Bouncing Forward: Resilience through Learned Hopefulness.”


Dr. Dan Tomasulo is a leader in the field of positive psychology and hope. A Ph.D. in psychology, an author, and a professor who teaches positive psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University